3d Gallery

We have curated a bonus 3D photo exhibition to provide an additional immersive experience with the photographs from our study participants!

We advise using a desktop or laptop computer to fully enjoy the experience. 

About Our 3D Gallery

1. The First floor

On the first floor of our exhibition, we have 5 photo rooms representing the 5 themes that men talked about. In each room, a theme description provides some context into how men described their experiences within their relationships within their photographs.

Feel free to walk around and orient yourselves on this floor as you explore each photo room and their respective themes.


2. The second floor

Follow the stairs up to the 2nd floor, and discover our top 30 photographs voted by participants! The room on the left has photos 1-16, and the room on the right has photos 17-30. Read about how these photographs were selected before you enter the rooms.

Immerse yourselves in these mens’ photographs, and how their relationships are strongly fostered through their eyes.


how to navigate the 3d gallery

We have added an instructional video on how to navigate our 3D Photo Exhibition. As mentioned in this video, you can navigate our gallery in the following ways:

1. Using the arrow keys on your keyboard to walk through, and using your mouse to rotate your camera view

2. Using the Guide Points on the bottom centre of the screen, you can take a guided tour to bring you to certain rooms in the exhibition

3. Click to a spot where the blue footprints appear

WARNING: This may cause some motion sickness and dizziness for some viewers

This 3D gallery was created and developed by the Men’s Health Research Team