three Masculine Typologies in intimate partner relationships

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Neo-Traditionalist, Egalitarian and Progressive Masculinities in Men’s Heterosexual Intimate Partner Relationships

What Are The 3 Types of Masculinities?



It's our car and it's a photo of conflict actually

“For us, generally, I think about the cost of it. She has much more idea about the decoration stuff and if we have two separate decisions, then she wins that’s all.”


Split down the middle

“It is a pretty big deal because girls usually have so many more clothes…for her to let me have that very boyish right side of the dresser, that’s pretty awesome.”



“Sometimes we have discussions that are like 15-20 minutes long, and sometimes they drag on for hours and hours, and we just have to get to where we need to right? I think at the start of our relationship, we really had to go through [developing] a sense of empathy… it did take a bit to figure that out to make sure that no one was like attacking the other... we were just trying to be in the space together... and I think that space of empathy is really important and then we’re both in the same kind of level playing field, so it is… a strategy of, ‘I’m listening and summarizing what it is you need.’”

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